The Lovely Rewards app has landed


The wait is over pancake pals.

Gone are the days of scrolling through your emails to find out which sweet offers you’ve unlocked. You’ll now be able to follow your pancake dreams at the touch of a button with our…

NEW Lovely Rewards app!


Thats right team, we’ve given ourselves a digital upgrade and thrown in stacks of awesome app features to make this your one stop shop for all things Lovely Rewards. This includes:



Your Silver Dollar balance will be displayed on the home screen when you log into the app, so you’ll be able to see how many SD’s are left before you can chow down on your favourite complimentary treat.

This is also where you will find your unique member barcode, which you can scan at the payment counter to ensure those precious Silver Dollars are stashed safely in your account. Just make sure you get this scanned BEFORE redeeming any rewards or bonus offers!


Now it’s time to TREAT. YOUR. SELF. Here’s where you can put your hard-earned Silver Dollars into action.

Click through to Rewards and you will see the 4 available menu categories and the number of Silver Dollars required to unlock them.

Earn enough SD’s and these bad boys will become unlocked, allowing you to peruse the selection of drool-inducing options before you commit to your fave.

bonus offers


This is the fun part - the central hub for all of your unlocked bonus offers!

This is also where you can check out how many visits you are currently sitting on. Remember, every 4th and 10th visit unlocks a new complimentary offer.

Here’s where you should keep an eye out for your $5 Short Stack voucher - our gift to you for being an app downloading legend.

how to redeem

Once you’ve settled on the reward or bonus offer that you would like to redeem, simply click through and present the barcoded page to our lovely staff. They will then work their magic and the discount will be applied to your bill. Easy peasy.

Well there you have it friends. A run down of all of the best bits that you can find on our bangin’ new app. Now it’s up to you to download with the buttons below, you are the master of your own pancake destiny.

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