How to create a Lovely Rewards App account

Creating an account with our new Lovely Rewards App is easy, just follow this simple guide and you’ll be redeeming your offers in no time!

  1. create account

1. create account V2.png

Even if you’re a current Lovely Rewards member, you’ll need to create an account with the app - to ensure your Silver Dollar balance is transferred to the app, sign up with your existing Member I.D. (mobile number).


2. Validate your mobile number

2. validate.png

Next, enter the verification code sent to you via SMS.


3. register your details

3. register details.png

Complete the sign up process by filling in the rest of your Lovely Rewards account details.



4. enjoy.png

All done! Hit the Rewards tab to track your Silver Dollars and check which offers you’ve unlocked!

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