Cooking Practices at The Pancake Parlour


It has been brought to our attention that there has been some confusion surrounding the cooking processes used to prepare some of our menu options here at The Pancake Parlour.

 We hope we can provide some clarification and reassurance on the matter.

At The Pancake Parlour diversity is something we celebrate. We are grateful for the opportunity to cater for patrons from a range of lifestyles and cultural backgrounds, and we have a clear understanding on the types of influences that shape the decisions and restrictions around food.

We have the utmost respect for contributing factors that determine what a customer can and cannot eat. Whether those factors stem from health consciousness, veganism, religious faith, gluten or other food intolerances, we strive to be able to provide our lovely patrons with delicious menu choices that suit all taste preferences and dietary needs.

We have a unique style of cooking at The Pancake Parlour. With pancakes serving as our feature dish, our restaurants have had large custom-designed hotplates installed into all of our kitchens which maximise our cooking efficiency and speed of service. These hotplates are similar to big cooking countertops which can span about 2 metres long, with a huge surface area to cook multiple ingredients at the same time.

With such a big area for cooking, we have strategically separated the hotplate into a series of designated zones which our ingredients are cooked on based on several key factors. We have practices set in place to ensure that all of our cooks use the same zones for the same foods every day in every restaurant.

We do our absolute best to ensure that the zone for our non-vegan products are as far away as possible from our vegan items in the same way that any pork products are kept separate from our chicken and other meats. Sweet Pancakes are cooked on one side of the hotplate and meats and savoury items are cooked on the opposite side.

Each hotplate zone is cleaned between every cooking cycle, which can be as often as every 3 minutes during a shift.  

Inclusivity and diversity are two key values held throughout all of The Pancake Parlour restaurants, and our fundamental goal since the creation of our first restaurant in 1965 is to create a space where everyone is welcome to enjoy fantastic food that matches their preferences.

We hope this has shed some light on our preparation and cooking processes and we look forward to welcoming you to The Pancake Parlour soon.

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