Top 5 choices for Dad this Father's Day


Dads. Supplier of bad jokes and enthusiasts of the sneakers & jeans crime against humanity. All they need is a few pints and some Midnight Oil for you to see the human body move in ways you never thought possible.


The father is a fascinating creature, and on the one day a year that celebrates everything we love about our dads, you need to make sure you're celebrating the right way. It has been said that the key to a mans heart is through his stomach, and we've put together our top 5 menu picks for Dad to ensure that your Father's Day family feast at The Pancake Parlour will stay in his heart forever.

1. Steak me up before you go go

A go-to menu choice for dads across the globe, steaks are to dads what Tide Pods are to troubled teens. Old mate Sean Penn loves them so much that he literally almost named his child Steak Penn. (Yes, seriously). Our primo 250g Scotch Fillet is up there with the best of 'em, but this bad boy comes with a twist - it's resting on a big, fluffy buckwheat pancake. It may sound odd at first, but pair it with some warm hollandaise or dijon mustard and you'll wonder how you survived without this combo.


 2. Parma-geddon

Parmi or Parma - who really cares? One thing we can all agree on is that the world is a better place with these cheesy chicken delights in it, and our mammoth Chicken Parmigiana comes with all the essentials for a very good time - a slice of ham, delicious melting cheese and our signature Napoli sauce. What's even better? You guessed it, this guy is also served resting on a buckwheat pancake to send your tastebuds into overdrive. So. Many. Textures.

3. a meal cheesier than your dads jokes

Close your eyes and think of the two greatest foods known to man, mixed together and flipped into a pancake. You've either got yourself a mixed kebab and Servo dimmy pancake, or our fan favourite Cheese and Potato Pancake - one of our most popular savoury dishes that's been around since our humble beginnings in the 60's. This unique creation definitely lives up to the hype, and Dad will wolf this down quicker than you can tell him that crocs and socks is never OK. Add some Bacon Bits or Fresh Mushroom sauce to take things to the next level.



People who think breakfast is only for the morning are probably the same people who put the milk in the bowl before the cereal (sorry not sorry). Our Traditional Bacon and Eggs is an instant classic, and what's even better? We're flippin' up ALL of our breakfast choices until 5pm! So you can let Dad sleep off the Saturday schooners and still make it in time to enjoy this d-e-licious menu.


5. choc through the heart

Family feasts aren't complete until you've eaten your body weight in food, and our Sweet Pancakes menu has got the goods to make this fam day out one you'll want to repeat on every occasion. Dad will flip his lid over our Chocolate Chip Pancakes, a decadent dessert you're going to want to leave room for. Dad bods are in now anyway. 🤷


So there we have it kiddos, a wonderful selection of popular menu choices that are sure to get your dad more excited than a hole in one. But with our whole menu available on the day, we'll let him decide for himself.

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