all you need to know: the pancake parlour’s club rewards program

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Become a member and start earning points for your local club with every visit to The Parlour in 2019. Compete against other clubs in your local restaurant league for $1,000 cash, or take out The Pancake Parlour Premierflip overall and win $5,000. Plenty of Parlour perks to be won along the way!


  1. Nominate your club
    Head to and fill out the short form to register your club. Once The Pancake Parlour has qualified your club, you’ll be all set to start earning points for your club and climbing your league ladder from March 1st. We recommend that one of your senior members nominates your club, as they will be registered as our primary contact and will receive all the important Club Rewards information and communication. Please allow for up to 48 hours for your club registration to be processed.

    Your club will be assigned to one of 10 leagues, depending on the location of your nearest restaurant. You will compete against the surrounding clubs in your local league to reach the top of your league ladder and take out $1,000 cash!

  2. Register your members
    An email will be sent to your club’s primary contact when your club has been successfully registered. Once signed up, it’s time for all the club’s members to get on board! The more members you have earning points for your club, the higher your chances of taking out The Pancake Parlour Premierflip! Please wait until you receive our email confirmation that your club has been successfully registered before your teammates sign up. We’ll send you an info pack with a link to distribute to your members once your club is registered.

  3. Start earning points

    From March 1, you can begin earning points for your club once you have allocated your club to your member account. Once you’ve allocated your club, every dollar ($1 AUD) that you spend in restaurant will earn your club one point. Your mobile number serves as your unique member ID - simply mention this at the payment counter on your way out to earn points for your club. Alternatively, you can scan your membership barcode on our Rewards app which will automatically update your club’s points.

    These points will also be credited to your own personal Lovely Rewards account, where you can save up and cash in to redeem complimentary items, as well as scoring stacks of perks along the way. Learn more about Lovely Rewards here.


Sponsorship Pack - valued at $1,200
Once your club has been successfully registered, recruit 10 members via our website and we will send your club an exclusive sponsorship package, containing $1,200 worth of Parlour perks. Just remember that your teammates can only join your club once you have received our email confirmation and the club is available from the club selection menu.

Major prizes
Keep an eye on our league ladder website at any time to see how many points you are away from the top of your league and one of our major prizes:

Overall winner - 5,000 cash
The club with the most points at the end of the Club Rewards season will win The Pancake Parlour Premierflip and receive $5,000 cash!

League winner - $1,000 cash
The club with the most points in each of the 10 leagues at end of the season (December 31st, 2019) will win $1,000 cash

Please note: Clubs need to be officially registered to a governing association and require an ABN number.

Minor Prizes
Winning isn’t everything at Club Rewards. Stacks of prizes can also be enjoyed when your club reaches the following points milestones:

  1. Every 1,000 points - we will send $100 worth of complimentary vouchers which your club can use to reward high performers and hard working volunteers

  2. Every 5,000 points - we’ll throw you a post training flip up to the value of $1,300 for up to 100 guests at The Pancake Parlour nearest to you*.


From March 1, there are plenty of non-pancake eating ways that you can earn points for your club! Check out our below Club Rewards bonuses to help your club climb to the top of your league ladder.

  • Make a booking for a group of 10 or more and receive 100 points for your club PLUS the value of the booking.

  • Make a booking for a group of 20 or more and receive 200 points for your club PLUS the value of the booking.

  • Earn 100 points for every junior premiership that your club has won.

  • Earn 200 points for every senior premiership that your club has won.

  • Create a Schweppes account for your club and earn 500 points for your club.

Got a question we haven’t answered? Check out our frequently asked questions here.

Good luck!

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