Distinctly Docklands - Five ways to a day out at The District Docklands


Uniting food, entertainment and retail, The District Docklands is a destination like no other. Located on Melbourne’s waterfront, this precinct is ‘primed to become a business, residential and experiential heart’. We are excited to be joining The District Docklands precinct, connecting ourselves to a vibrant hub bound for achievement. Take a peek below to see our Top 5 experiences within the precinct…

  1. The MELBOURNE staR

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 3.23.15 pm.png

“Come fly on the Melbourne Star, the Southern Hemisphere’s only Giant Observation Wheel, for a view like no other and an experience you’ll never forget.”

A wonderful go-to for tourists, this renown attraction has amazed visitors for over a decade. With 360-degree views of our beautiful city and aligning audio historical commentary to absorb, the Melbourne Star is a perfect choice to see both day or night.

2. Dialogue in the dark

A global phenomenon, this unique experience allows you to explore the unseen, relying heavily on your other senses. An opportunity to immerse yourself in something completely different, sensing your everyday world around you in place of seeing it. Partnered with Guide Dogs Australia, this Melbourne activity set within Docklands challenges the individual to ‘move through a simulated Melbourne, guided by a person with low vision’. A memorable and broadening experience.

3. Hoyts CINEMAS

Why watch movies at home when there’s HOYTS? Relax in powered recliners, be blown away with state of the art surround sound. Then of course the screen size almost exceeds our peripheral vision. The ultimate destination to watch a new release, in the heart of The District Docklands. Indulge in pancakes before or after. The choice is yours…


Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 3.51.27 pm.png

The first of its kind in Australia, this interactive art museum is an incredibly fun experience for all ages. Over 100 hand-painted artworks scale ArtVo’s floors and walls to create realistic themes and scenarios for visitors to immerse themselves in.
The perfect place for a selfie with friends! Open 7 days.

5. O’brien icehouse

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 11.15.14 am.png

Australia’s largest ice arena, O’Brien Icehouse is a magical venue offering an array of activities. Whether you’re chasing a family day out, interested in lessons or seeking school holiday play, this place has it all. And afterwards? Nothing better than ending a fun, frosty sesh on the ice with a warm plate of pancakes.

Pancake Parlour