5 ways to pimp your free Pancake Day pancake

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The Buttermilk Pancake. A warm, fluffy blank canvas just waiting to be painted with some tantalising toppings and scrumptious sides. We've got you started by shouting you a FREE Single Pancake (download app here if you haven't already) with your choice of butter, whipped cream or ice cream, but it's Pancake Day - the perfect day to treat yourself with some lovely extras.

Check out our list of favourite add-ons for some inspiration to pimp your pancake. Hot tip: Combine a few on your plate to really get the pancake party started.

1. Strawberries please

The MVP of the berry world, fresh strawberries have got the goods to take your pancake to the next level. Picked fresh from local Victorian farmers, strawberries pack a sweet, juicy flavour punch, and will add some colourful pizazz to your pancake. PLUS they are a great source vitamins and fibre, and who doesn’t want that?


2. Let’s get saucy

Look, the humble pancake-syrup combo is a classic, and for good reason. But this is 2018 and it is time to SHAKE. THINGS. UP. Did someone say House-made Hot Chocolate Fudge?! (Yes, it is as delicious as it sounds.) If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, we’ve created a warm Salted Caramel sauce that is so gosh darn tasty, you won’t even care if everyone is watching you lick your plate clean.


3. You BACON me crazy

We’ll give it to you straight – if you haven’t yet tried this heavenly sweet-savoury combination then there is a beautiful part of life that you are desperately missing out on. Everything is better with bacon, and pancakes are no exception.

Hot Tip: Drizzle some maple flavoured syrup on that bad boy and thank us later.


4. Hashtag Hash Brown

What did we do to deserve potatoes? These small, round bundles of joy are as versatile as they are delicious. One of the most spudtastic potato styles is the almighty hash brown, and our unique ‘shoe-string’ style house-made hash browns pack a serious CRUNCH. Combine them with a soft, fluffy buttermilk pancake and you won’t know how you lived without them.

Hot tip: Also great with maple flavoured syrup... You know what, just put syrup on everything.



5. One is simply not enough

Why stop at just one perfect pancake? This is Pancake Day after all, a whole day dedicated to these sweet, round, fluffy delights. Treat yourself and add a few more to your stack, you deserve it.


*Please note our Lovely Extras are indeed extras, and not a part of your Free Pancake Day pancake offer. 

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