Student Menu

Study fuel is a big deal.
Add one of our lovely drinks options at no extra charge. 

Choose one of the following menu items:

Our Student Menu is available to order at all Melbourne locations excluding our new Plenty Valley restaurant.

Deluxe Fries
Fresh potatoes, par-boiled in their skins, fried in butter and served with cheddar cheese, crisp bacon bits, sour cream and spring onions.

Regular Stack
Three buttermilk pancakes topped with a choice of cream, whipped butter or vanilla or chocolate ice-cream and topped with maple flavoured syrup.

Student Chicken Caesar Salad
Tender pieces of crumbed chicken, a hard-boiled free-range egg and crisp bacon bits served on a bed of cos lettuce with anchovy dressing and shaved parmesan.

Alice in Wonderland
Lashings of house-made hot chocolate fudge and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands on two buttermilk pancakes topped with vanilla ice-cream.

Student Traditional Bacon and Eggs
Two buttermilk pancakes served with a crisp rasher of bacon, two fried free-range eggs and topped with whipped butter and maple-flavoured syrup.

Cheese and Potato Pancake
A potato pancake with a crust of melting cheese, topped with whipped butter and served with a side salad.


Salted Caramel Crunch
House-made warm salted caramel sauce and roasted almonds on two buttermilk pancakes topped with vanilla ice-cream.

Choose from...
Regular Fizzy Drink
Rocky Mountain Malt
House-made Lemon Iced Tea
House-made Traditional
Hot Marshmallow Chocolate
Cappuccino, Caffe Latte
A Pot of Organic Loose-leaf Tea