Summer Menu

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Summer Menu

Our four fresh summer flavours, available for a limited time at all 12 Melbourne restaurants!

French Toast Pancakes
(Available ‘til 5pm)
A French toast-style pancake topped with Greek yoghurt, berries, spiced apple and crushed almonds.

Kasbah Lamb Crepes
Middle-Eastern spiced minced lamb wrapped in two delicate crepes, topped with dukkah and served with a Greek Salad and Greek yoghurt.
Entrée 16.9

Ruby Red Queen
Alice’s arch nemesis! Two buttermilk pancakes topped with ice-cream, ruby chocolate fudge and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.
Kids size 8.9

Popcorn Mountain Malt
Our famous Swiss Mountain Malt made with popcorn flavoured syrup, topped with fresh cream, studded with salted popcorn and drizzled with salted caramel sauce.
Rocky size 6.9


*Check out our Plenty Valley menu via the Summer Menu tab of our smartphone app.