Summer Parlour FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I join Summer Parlour?

All existing Lovely Rewards members will be automatically eligible to participate in the Summer Parlour promotion.

For non-Lovely Rewards members, head to and fill out the form with your details to register. You will have 50 Silver Dollars loaded up to your account and will be eligible to take part in Summer Parlour for the duration of the promotion period. Your member account may take up to 15 minutes to be created so ensure you sign-up before you try to redeem!

I’m trying to register to Summer Parlour and I haven’t received a confirmation email. Why?

You may already have a Lovely Rewards account registered with this email address. There is a strict limit of one (1) account per member. Each account requires an independent email address.

What are Silver Dollars (SD)?

Silver Dollars (SD) is the currency (points) used to redeem your Lovely Rewards.

How do I earn Silver Dollars?

For every $1 spent at The Pancake Parlour, you earn 1 Silver Dollar. Every time you dine in and make a purchase at one of our restaurants, simply mention your Member ID (mobile number) to staff at the payment counter before paying, and every dollar spent in that transaction will add Silver Dollars to your account.

Will I receive a Summer Parlour card like last year?

There will be no card for this years’ Summer Parlour promotion - all you need is your member ID!

How do I know my Member ID?

Lovely Rewards uses your mobile number as your unique Member ID, which will be used for all dine-in transactions.

When does it start?

Pre-registration commences 24/11/17, and your complimentary treat of the week can be enjoyed from 01/12/17 right through until the end of summer, when the temperature reaches 30C.

REaching the silver dollar goal

What happens to the Silver Dollars I’ve already earned before Summer Parlour was announced?

All the silver dollars you have previously earned will count towards the 100 Silver Dollar goal. Meaning that if you have already earned 100SD, you are automatically eligible for a complimentary treat of the week at 30ºC from 1/12/17.

I spent my 100 Silver Dollars before Summer Parlour was announced

As long as you have reached 100 Silver Dollars before using them to redeem a complimentary item, you will be eligible to redeem our complimentary treat of the week at 30ºC.

I’ve signed up for Summer Parlour but I haven’t reached 100 Silver Dollars yet

If you haven’t quite reached your 100 Silver Dollar goal yet, you will be able to enjoy a complimentary pint of Fizzy Drink thanks to Schweppes, on days when the temperature is above 30ºC. You will also receive double dollars when ordering the summer treat of the week.

How do I know if I’ve reached the 100 Silver Dollar goal?

You will be sent an email notifying you when you have passed 100 Silver Dollars and can enjoy our complimentary treat of the week at 30ºC. Alternatively, head to, click on ‘View Balance’ and enter your member ID, and your Silver Dollar balance will be sent to you via email.

Can I sign-up in restaurant?

You can sign up via your smart phone at 

REdeeming the treat of the week

How do I redeem my complimentary treat of the week?

To redeem your complimentary treat at 30ºC, you must present your SMS to a team member which authorises your eligibility for the offer, and mention your member ID so the offer can be processed on your account.

Can I sign-up and enjoy a free fizzy drink if the temperature is already 30 degrees?

All sign ups AFTER a 30ºC announcement will not be eligible for a complimentary treat on the same day. Members must be signed up and have shown their SMS to be eligible. 

Can I enjoy the complimentary treat of the week and redeem another offer?

Summer Parlour offers cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer at The Pancake Parlour. This includes all offers and redemptions attained through Lovely Rewards.

What happens when the temperature goes back under 30 degrees later in the day?

As soon as the temperature reaches 30 degrees, the treat of the week can be enjoyed as complimentary for eligible members until 11:59pm that night, regardless of the drop in temperature in the evening.

How do I know when temperature targets are reached?

We will send you an SMS that notifies you when the temperature has reached 30ºC or above. Alternatively, you can keep an eye on our temperature recording, updated in real-time, at

How often can I enjoy a free summer treat at 30°C?

You can redeem one (1) complimentary summer treat of the week on every day that it reaches 30ºC or above throughout the promotion period

How do we know what the summer treat of the week is?

The summer treat of the week will be announced via email + social media weekly at 9am every Monday. You can also head to to see what’s on offer for the week!


I want to stop receiving SMS notifications when it hits 30 degrees

You can opt out of SMS alerts at any time by clicking on the link included in the SMS, however, you will no longer be eligible for #SummerParlour offers. You must present your SMS to qualify for the promotion.

I want to sign up for Summer Parlour but don’t want to be a Lovely Rewards member.

Summer Parlour will only be available for Lovely Rewards members.

My temperature says its 30 degrees but I haven’t received a notification

Our temperature display is a representation of the live Melbourne temperature according to the ‘Melbourne’ location on the Bureau of Meteorology website ( Although some temperature recordings may show different data, this is the measuring method that we will use throughout the Summer Parlour promotion