Winter Parlour FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I join Winter Parlour?

All existing Lovely Rewards members will be automatically eligible to participate in the Winter Parlour promotion.

For non-Lovely Rewards members, head to and fill out the form with your details to register. You will have 50 Silver Dollars loaded up to your account and will be eligible to enjoy our Winter Parlour offers for the duration of the promotion period. Your member account may take up to half an hour to activate so ensure you sign-up before you try to redeem!

I’m trying to register to Winter Parlour and I haven’t received a confirmation email. Why?

You may already have a Lovely Rewards account registered with this email address. There is a strict limit of one (1) account per member. Each account requires an independent mobile number and email address.

Will I receive a Winter Parlour card like last year?

There will be no card for this years’ Winter Parlour promotion. This year we'll send all members a unique barcode which will contain your account information when scanned at the payment counter. Your barcode will be found at the top of all Winter Parlour emails sent through to you, or alternatively you can screenshot the barcode and present on your phone for easy access!

When does it start?

Winter Parlour will commence 01/06/18, and our weekly offers can be enjoyed every day right through until the end of winter.

Can I sign-up in restaurant?

You can sign up via your smart phone at any time through

REdeeming the weekly #winterparlour offers

How can I redeem the Winter Parlour offer?

At the top of every Winter Parlour email that you receive, you will find your Winter Parlour member ID barcode. To redeem a choice from the sweet pancake category of the week, you must present this barcode to restaurant staff at the payment counter and the temperature discount will be applied to your bill.

How do I know what sweet menu category is on offer?

Our weekly Winter Parlour sweet pancake flavour will be communicated via email and on our social media pages every Monday morning at 9am.

You can enjoy a sweet pancake serving that falls into one of these menu categories at a modified price until 8:59am the following Monday morning.

How often can I enjoy the offer of the week at a modified price?

Members can redeem one (1) discounted Winter Parlour sweet pancake serving per account holder, per day.

How is the price of the offer determined?

The price of the weekly Winter Parlour offer will differ depending which of the four temperature brackets it falls under.
-        5ºC or below                  $5
-        5.1ºC to 10ºC              $10
-        10.1ºC to 15ºC            $15
-        15ºC+                             Normal price
Whatever the current temperature is at the time of payment will determine how much you are required to pay for your sweet pancake serving.

How do I check the current temperature?

Head to for the live temperature and price conversion. The final price of your sweet pancake choice will be determined once a staff member has hit 'update' on the live temp page, showing the current temperature and price at the time of payment.

What time can I redeem the offer?

The flavour of the week will be available at ALL TIMES from 9am Monday, to 8.59am the following Monday. You can redeem a sweet pancake choice at your sweet spot from when the restaurant opens, right up until it closes. 

Can I enjoy the discounted sweet pancake serving AND redeem another offer?

Winter Parlour offers cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer at The Pancake Parlour. This includes all offers and redemptions attained through Lovely Rewards.

Can I redeem the Winter Parlour offer with the app?

You sure can. The prices of each choice in the selected sweet pancake category will be updated in real time with the current temperature, meaning that the discount will be applied to your bill as soon as your order is processed. Please note that you may need to allow up to half an hour for the prices to be updated once a new temperature threshold has been reached.

Do I still earn Silver Dollars with my Winter Parlour purchase?

Silver Dollars will be accrued equal to the price that you paid for the sweet pancake at any particular time. If your pancake serving cost $5, you will earn 5 Silver Dollars.


I want to sign up for Winter Parlour but don’t want to be a Lovely Rewards member.

Winter Parlour will only be available for Lovely Rewards members.

My temperature says its under 5 degrees but the price for my pancake was $10

Our temperature display is a representation of the live Melbourne temperature according to the ‘Melbourne Airport’ location on the Bureau of Meteorology website Although some temperature recordings may show different data, this is the measuring method that we will use throughout the Winter Parlour promotion.

Can I purchase a Winter Parlour sweet pancake choice on Uber Eats?

Winter Parlour offers are available dine in only.

What are Silver Dollars (SD)?

Silver Dollars (SD) is the currency (points) used to redeem your Lovely Rewards.

How do I earn Silver Dollars?

For every $1 spent at The Pancake Parlour, you earn 1 Silver Dollar. Every time you dine in and make a purchase at one of our restaurants, simply mention your Member ID (mobile number) to staff at the payment counter before paying, and every dollar spent in that transaction will add Silver Dollars to your account.