Club Rewards FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I register a club to Club Rewards?

Head to and fill out the ‘Register Your Club’ form with your club details. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for your club to appear on our registered list.

What type of clubs can take part in Club Rewards?

-          Be located it in the geographical area of Victoria
-          Have an official registration and compete under a state or national governing body
-          Have a registered ABN number

 Clubs and groups that are ineligible for the promotion include:

-          Professional sporting clubs and organisations*
-          Schools and any school sport teams are excluded from the program, unless the school competes in an official competition outside of school sport governance
-          Social sport teams (Example: The Wannabes indoor cricket team who play on a Tuesday night)
-          Local, state and national associations
-          Charities and fundraising organisations

The Pancake Parlour will have final rule on the qualification of the club to the program. If your club is ineligible for the Club Rewards program based on the above conditions, please contact us via our website here with a partner proposal for review.

*Please note the Western Bulldogs AFLW team will be participating in the program as a partner of The Pancake Parlour, however will be ineligible for prizes.

How do I join my club?

Once your club is registered by either yourself or a fellow club member, head to and fill out the ‘Join Your Club’ form with your details, ensuring that you select your club from the drop down list. Cant find you club on the list? It may not be registered yet! Check with your teammates if anyone has signed-up, remembering that it may take up to 48 hours for the club to successfully register.

What if I’m a member of 2 clubs?

You are only able to assign your points to one nominated club at any one time. You are able to change your club by updating your member account details at

How do I earn my points for my club?

Simply download our app via the App Store or Google Play and scan your membership barcode at counter. Alternatively, you can mention your mobile number which serves as your unique member ID which you can mention at the payment counter for processing.

Can I join Club Rewards if I live outside of Melbourne?

Our Club Rewards program is available for Victorian residents only.

Will my existing points be counted towards my club total?

Although your existing points will remain in your personal Lovely Rewards account, only the points you earn after your club is registered (and after Club Rewards official launch on March 1) will contribute to your Club Rewards account.

Will I still earn points for myself whilst earning points for my club?

Yes, all the points that you earn in restaurant will be attributed to your personal account as well as your club’s account.

Can my club use our earned points to redeem complimentary items in restaurant?

Your club’s points are for ranking purposes and achieving club rewards milestones only. You cannot use these points to redeem complimentary items in restaurant. However, you will still be able to use the points earned in your personal Lovely Rewards account to redeem in restaurant.

Can anyone sign up their club?

We recommend that one of your senior or committee members signs-up your club, as they will be registered as our primary contact and will receive all the important info regarding Club Rewards.

Can I earn points at any location, or does it have to be at my club’s local restaurant?

You can earn points for your club at ANY of our Melbourne locations, as long as you scan your membership barcode on The Pancake Parlour app, or mention your member ID at counter.

Does Club Rewards work with app purchases at Plenty Valley?

It sure does! As soon as you hit ‘pay’, the points earned will be assigned to your club and personal accounts.

How can we find out how many points our club has earned?

You can view your club’s points balance, as well as your position on the league ladder at any time by heading to Just ensure you have selected the correct league from the drop down menu!

When does the pre-registration period finish?

The Club Rewards pre-registration period commences on 31st January and will conclude on 28th February, with the official launch of Club Rewards on 1st March 2019.

Can we earn points for our club in the pre-registration period?

No, you will only begin to earn points for your club from March 1st onwards.

Can I earn Silver Dollars for my club with online store purchases?

Club points cannot be earned through online store purchases.

For more information on rules, rewards, bonuses and prizes, please view schedule 1.1 in our full Terms and Conditions here.