Sweet Pancakes


Pancakes and Hotcakes

Our sweet buttermlik pancakes are now available in two sizes:
2 Hotcakes 11.9 | 2 Pancakes 19.9

Plus, add a NEW T2 tea for 4.5 hot and 5.5 chilled when paired with any sweet pancake or hotcake choice. ❤️


Fresh Strawberries
With strawberry coulis and icing sugar. Served with a choice of fresh cream, vanilla or chocolate ice-cream.

Bavarian Apple
Warm spiced apple served on two pancakes, dusted with cinnamon and with a choice of cream or vanilla ice-cream. 

Tiramisu Pancakes
Espresso infused mascarpone, house-made coffee and Kahlua sauce, Belgian choc chips and chocolate ice-cream.

Chocolate Chip
Two buttermilk pancakes studded with pure Belgian chocolate chips, with vanilla ice-cream and house-made hot chocolate fudge, and topped with more Belgian chocolate chips.

Jamaican Banana
Golden fried banana, drizzled with maple-flavoured syrup, and served with a choice of cream, vanilla or chocolate ice-cream. 

Lemon Berry Pancakes
Lemon custard, raspberries, rhubarb, vanilla ice-cream and lime zest.

Combines both the Jamaican Banana and Hot Buttered Walnuts with a choice of cream, vanilla or chocolate ice cream and dusted with cinnamon. THIS IS “IT”!

Raspberry and Rhubarb
Our house-made raspberry and rhubarb filling and mascarpone cream with ice-cream and a dusting of icing sugar.

Salted Caramel Crunch
House-made warm salted caramel sauce and roasted almonds on two buttermilk pancakes. Served with cream or vanilla ice-cream. 

Plump blueberries served on two buttermilk pancakes with a choice of cream or vanilla ice-cream.


Sweet Classics

Alice’s Wonderland Surprise
Lashings of house-made hot chocolate fudge and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands on two buttermilk pancakes topped with vanilla ice-cream. 

Chocolate Jubilee
A chocolate pancake with cream, vanilla or chocolate ice-cream, Belgian chocolate chips and our house-made hot chocolate fudge served with fresh strawberries.

Original Lemon and Sugar
Fresh lemon, sugar and vanilla ice-cream on two buttermilk pancakes.
Single pancake 12.5

Sweet Pancake Medley
A collection of four mini buttermilk pancakes, including fresh strawberries dusted with icing sugar, house-made warm salted caramel sauce with roasted almonds, delicious raspberry and rhubarb with mascarpone, and the famous Alice in Wonderland with lashings of house-made hot chocolate fudge and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands. All served with a dollop of ice-cream. 

LOVELY! Extras
+ House-made Hot Chocolate Fudge 5.8 | Half-serve 3.8
House-made Warm Salted Caramel Sauce 5.8 | Half-serve 3.8
Pure Organic Maple Syrup
5.8 | Half-serve 3.8
Extra Cream or Ice-cream 4
Extra Buttermilk Pancake 3
Extra house-made whipped butter 2.5